We believe the early years of a child’s development are critical to the development of the whole child. Our goal is to help your child learn as much as s/he is capable of in all areas of experience. We feel your child will receive some of the most positive and constructive experiences possible for a preschool child. We will provide guidance by helping your

  • Socially
  • Emotionally
  • Physically
  • Intellectually
  • Spiritually

Our program is structured and designed to foster imagination, learning, and creativity. We want your child to feel comfortable and secure away from their home environment. We also believe children learn through play. Play is what children do best and enjoy most so plenty of free play is part of our day. Play is a child’s form of work.

Angels Paradise Academy prides itself as a unique private school that has always demonstrated the very finest early childhood practices. Our teachers understand the importance of providing a developmental program that fosters the “whole child.” We are committed to a developmental approach that focuses on the social, emotional, intellectual, and physical growth of each individual child, preschool through first grade. Our philosophy and core values are listed below:

Hands on Learning: Learning is an active, not a passive experience. Learning involves children in active tasks, rather than mere memorization of facts.

Learning Styles: Children differ in how they learn. No one method will accommodate all children. A variety of approaches are provided at each grade level.

Self-Concept: A healthy self-concept is crucial to the child’s overall development. A child’s self-concept determines how he or she copes with their environment. Opportunities are provided for children to grow individually and flourish socially.

Curiosity: Children are naturally curious about their environment. Learning takes place when materials are provided for exploration and discovery.

Intelligence: Early experiences influence the child’s ability to learn. Each classroom provides age appropriate activities to foster the child’s intellect.

Problem Solving: Children learn to solve their own problems through social interaction, taking responsibility for their decisions, and through games and building activities.

Learning is a Process: How a child performs a task reveals his or her developmental level and learning style. A variety of experiences involving alternative approaches and processes are provided at each grade level.

Home-School Communication: The partnership between family and school is the foundation for your child’s success. We encourage parents to meet with us to discuss school concerns.

Diversity: We embrace and celebrate individual differences. We honor and commemorate each child’s heritage and uniqueness... We look forward to building relationships and working together with each family.

Angels Paradise Academy’s Preschool and Daycare Centre …is to provide safe, quality and stimulating care for childrenwhile their parents are away at work.

Emphasis is on providing a pleasant and happy environment for your child.