Pre-nursery: 1 ½ - 2 ½ years

kids playing

Curriculum instruction begins in our Pre-Nursery room and builds through to our Prep II program. Our curriculum is based on themes and concepts. It helps the child in developing cognitive , fine and gross motor skills and hand-eye co-ordination and other brain stimulating activities. The child will be spending most of his / her day on stories, Enjoying puppet shows, singing and dancing, rhyming, playing both indoor and outdoor games, clay molding, painting and coloring. We focus on educational, physical, mental, social, and creative development of a child. We understand that children are naturally curious and eager to learn and that they learn best by doing; therefore hands-on experiences and close interaction with teachers are an integral part of each day.

At our Pre-nursery ,our main idea is to provide an environment of home away from home for children . The pre-school environment is designed to provide learning spaces catering to various interest areas and specific kinds of play, for e.g. book corner, art space, sand and water play area They have fun with art, discover basic shapes, explore different colours, sing simple songs, learn how to move to a rhythm, listen to short stories and, of course, make friends at class.. Since this is the first time the child steps out of a protective home environment, we at Angels Paradise strive to ensure we make the child as comfortable and our preschool as homely as possible. All activities at the level are age appropriate. Our large play area specially caters to different activities and has special and safe equipments and props like Sand pit and safe water play area . The emphasis is on the child to develop freely with engagement and personal touch.

Nursery: 2 ½ - 3 ½ years


Our Nursery children explore their surroundings and people around them. This is the stage of life where children develop these skills through experiential learning .They acquaint themselves with materials with different grips, they identify a larger number of shapes and colours as well as letters and numbers, they learn about patterns and other creative designs, they are exposed to a higher level of creative movement, role play and storytelling, and they enjoy a sense of independency through self-help tasks. Our curriculum is built around teacher and child initiated learning activities where both are active partners in the learning process .

We help in developing skillsin children in the five main areas of development and applying mind to retrospective thinking . We, at Angels Paradise believe in developing and enhancing the childs skills. It is the core of our learning process.

Prep I : 3 ½ - 4 ½ years


Our children expand their explorations from the school to the neighbourhood and beyond. Children are introduced to numeracy and literacy at this level. They move with greater control over their body, they familiarise themselves with complex shapes, patterns, shades in colours, they learn about time and weather. Children at the end of the year are able to read and write basics and able to converse in English . Here the children also learn about the environment like rain, sunshine, clouds and also develop a sense of time. With the Thematic curriculum approach it allows learning to be more natural and less fragmented .

It allows literacy to grow progressively, with vocabulary linked and with spelling and sentence writing being frequently, yet smoothly, reinforced. It guides connected ideas to follow on easily. Through units children are able to develop skills . The Themes are based on children’s needs, interest and developmental level.

Prep II : 4 ½ - 5 ½ years


Our children are motivated and well equipped to face the challenges of formal schooling programs as they are getting ready to move to formal schools. Children at this stage are caring individuals, good communicators, independent thinkers, lifelong learners and global citizens. They explore their environment in depth. Their reading, writing and communication skills improve. They are engaged in simple logical thinking and problem solving exercises. Children at this age are even more eager to investigate, ponder, and comprehend everything, even as their world is expanding in every direction. Our Prep II program helps in providing a solid foundation for your child's future education, no matter where life's journey takes them.

Daycare Program : 6month onwards


We know that every moment with an infant is precious. That's why we provide a warm and nurturing atmosphere with home-like amenities to allow your infant to feel loved and secure. Our dedicated and experienced staff adheres to your baby’s on demand schedule to maintain consistency between home and school.Our daycare centre is exclusive and specially designed to provide the coziness of home. We have a separate spacious room with individual beds, soft toys and carpeted flooring to provide extra safety to the children. Trained teachers and support staff are constantly observing, assisting and guiding your child. Proper assistance during play time under constant supervision of a staff member. We are committed to providing the healthiest environment possible. We have strict policies in place to ensure all Infant surroundings are safe and clean.

Our center implements a superior curriculum beginning in our Infant classrooms. Baby sign language for words like "milk" and "more," are also used so our infants can communicate in a frustration-free manner with our support staff and Teachers.

Our curriculum is designed to expose infants to experiences that will promote and enhance:

  • Language development — using books, songs and activities that match your child’s development level.
  • Cognitive development — using activities like peekaboo, hunt and find, and shape-sorting toys.
  • Motor Skill development — grasping toys, tummy time, and toys to push and pull around the room.
  • Sensory development — touching items with various textures and feeling materials in the sensory bin.
  • Rest and nap time.

Assistance by the teachers are given in completing homework for formal school going children.We are committed to creating an environment where children feel happy, loved, safe and get ample opportunity to explore and learn at their own pace. Hygienic vegetarian meals are designed by dietitians/ nutritionists.

Our unique features at day care includes:-

Support Staff to Child ratio: In our centre, each support staff is responsible for no more than three children, thereby maintaining a healthy adult – child ratio.

Our support staff are well trained and are highly experienced in the field.

Healthy physical setting: Our indoor learning corners and outdoor environment are well planned and thought to nurture and protect the children and at the same time providing them an opportunity to engage in various activities that help support large muscular development.